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Our winery

The origin of Felciatello began with Renzo the former head of the family, who had a real passion for wine.

He, who has worked as farmer for over 25 years, passed this passion down his children and his whole famility. In 2000 thanks to this passion they transformed it in a real situation.

The true love for our land and out territory let us undertaken a path through the production of precious wine from organic procedures.

A journey started in tuscan hills between Bibbona and Montescudaio and at the begining of the Strada del Vino and in the cradle of etruscan history. A suggestive and fascinating place to visit, to taste and to live.

The soil rich of clay and tuff, 60 metres above the sea and sourrounded by mediterrean forest, gives us 5 P.G.I delightful organic wines: our full bodied red wines Bibo, Ziro, Gioì and Nepo and our fresh white wineNiji.

A slow, careful, gentle production using manual and natural techniques that let us obtained a officially recognised cetificate of organic wine farm by the Authority “Suolo e Salute”.